New Beginnings

freshly shorn

Yup, still cute.


Saying Goodbye

This is what most of you who "know" me see. 2 years old.

Tomorrow I’ll be cutting my locs in preparation for my visit to the barber Saturday morning. It’s been 7 years and 4 months since I began this journey, but it’s time for a new beginning. I still remember my coworkers’ suggestion that I still had time to take them out and get a press! It’s funny that once my hair started getting long, they were suddenly in love with them.

2009. At school playing with makeup.

Thankfully, I don’t put much stock in anyone’s opinion about hair. That’s always been one area in which I’ve been confident and adventurous. The locing process with all its “in between” stages kinda forces you to “be where you are” so to speak. Between being obviously natural and having a style that is still a mystery to many (why yes, I do wash my hair) it takes a certain amount of self-awarenes, patience and perhaps craziness to rock locs.

This past July. I just like this pic. Heading out to an "after the reception" party.

Anyway, I’d gotten to the point where I see the glances and in some cases, stares, but I don’t “see” them anymore. Good thing because now I’m going to be damn near bald but I’ve always wanted to try it and I can’t wait! So, it’s been real hair! Looking forward to the next stage of this hair journey.

Who’s That Chick?

*Cough, cough* Clears away dust and cobwebs….

Last year this time, I watched in fascination as some of my favorite bloggers participated in PSerendipity’s Secret Santa project. It looked like so much fun that I decided to join in this time around.  I’m more of a frequent commenter than blogger (as you can tell from the date of my last post), so I’m taking a note from TravelDiva and providing a glimpse into the world of Mellow to help out my Secret Santa.

  • I’m a recently licensed (a)esthetician. Meaning I love all things makeup and skincare related.
  • Speaking of skincare, did you know that it’s soo cold in the D? I’m used to my skin taking a minute to adjust to the change in season, but this year my arms and legs almost staged a mutiny. I’m talking full scale dryness and flaking. Laughing in the face of lotion! This prompted me to put on my mad scientist coat and create my own moisturizer. I ordered shea and cocoa butters online along with a couple fragrance oils, gathered all the oils I normally use for my hair (coconut, almond, olive) and got to experimenting. The result is a lovely concoction that I use everyday and I love it! I smell like lemon cake right now. Can’t stop sniffing myself. Makes me wonder what else I can create. Muah hahaha!
  • One of my favorite aspects of fall/winter – warm beverages, lol. Homeade ginger tea, peppermint mochas, witches brew, spiked apple cider…yum! I’m drinking pumpkin spice flavored coffee as I type this.
  • I’ve had locs for just over 7 years, but by Christmas, I’ll have a newly shorn head.  I realize winter may not be the best time to cut off all my wind protection, but it’s been in my spirit for a minute so I’m going for it. (Hat, scarf, gloves perhaps?)
  • I’m an accessories girl. One of my new playgrounds for cute, fun (read: cheap) costume jewelry is For Love 21. There’s one in the mall out here and it’s accessories as far as the eye can see.  Just a fun way to brighten up my everyday outfits.

My first hooka experience. An example of maximum accessorizing! Jacket was also bedazzled on the back.

Well, hopefully that gives a little perspective on me. I look forward to whatever my secret santa comes up with and I’m excited about doing the same for my blogger!

I heart Sephora

One of my favorite Saturday activities used to be going to Somerset and wandering around. I had a circuit that I took every.single.time. First store, without fail was Sephora. Starting from the front of the store I’d sniff all the new perfumes. Once I reached the end of the scents, I’d start in with the makeup and work my way back to the front. (I’m starting to realize how anal this all sounds. But eh, that’s how I roll). I absolutely loved playing in everything whether I was purchasing anything or not (and quite often I wouldn’t). I’m saying all this because when gas prices went up, I all but stopped going to Somerset (it’s a good 40 min. from where I live). No more was I getting my makeup and perfume fix. 

So imagine my joy when I found that mini-Sephora’s were opening in JC Penneys! Now I could check out the lastest and greatest just 10 minutes from my home. Well, let me just say that these mini-Sephora’s pale (pale!) in comparison to the original, but, when I need something I can usually find it. One thing they did have? All the new little gift sets the makeup brands are putting out for the holidays. If ever you or a loved one was in need of lip gloss, now is the time to pounce. You have 5+ options and that’s just the brands Sephora carries. What did I get?


LORAC’s Croc Mocktails set. I’ve been kind of obsessed with pink the last few months and this set satisfies my pink craving beautifully. Now these are minis, so don’t expect to actually be able to use that mirror that’s attached to each tube (it’s only about an inch long) but the color payoff is excellent for a gloss. Very pleased was I. If you are not a glitter person, stop now, this is not for you. It’s not an overwhelming amount, but it’s definitely there and more apparent when you try to remove it. I was going to post picks of each shade on my lips, but 1) my lips looked huge and 2) by the time I finished taking pics, I had glitter all over my face. I tried them on with no liner and was happy, so I imagine with a chestnut, vino or magenta (!) pencil, they’ll be even better. These are perfect for upcoming holiday gatherings or if your like me, any day of the week.


swatches no flash

swatches no flash


swatches with flash

swatches with flash

One More Step


I received my admittance letter! I did not get accepted into the November class, but I got in for spring. So March 9 begins my new journey.





Ever since I can remember, things have come to me in dreams. Sometimes it was little things like dreaming of a picture and then drawing it the next day at school and winning a little prize (did anyone else’s school always have the kids participating in drawing contests?) Often times I had a distinct sense of déjà vu as I would dream of things and then witness them happening in actuality.


Well, for the last few years I’ve been dreaming about a new career, specifically as a massage therapist and esthetician. The operative word here is dreaming because outside of clicking around on a few websites, I never made a proactive move to make this dream a reality.


Towards the end of July, I was on M.A.C’s website looking at eyeshadows or something and ended up on the pro site. I don’t even remember why I went there, but while perusing the site, I saw a link to the Aveda Institute. It piqued my interest and after reading about the programs offered, I sent off for some information.


Imagine my surprise when, instead of mailing me, the admissions director called me and asked that I set up an informational interview. I did, and after meeting with her, taking a tour of the facility and hearing about the attention to detail regarding customer service and the training of their students, I made a decision to apply.


The program is a little over 5 months (5-10pm Monday-Friday!), the first few months being in-class study and actually getting a license.  The remainder is spent taking clients and receiving more specific instruction with a focus on customer service. The class size is 10 students so there will be personal attention given to each student.


I’m excited and plenty nervous and I haven’t even been accepted yet. I tend to overanalyze everything and this was no exception. You see the date of this post? I just mailed the application a few hours ago. I had the interview in July. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I’m concerned about financing this program as I didn’t really want to take out anymore educational loans. I’m looking for scholarships, but should I not receive any, I know that I can take that route.


I’m doing this because I just have a feeling about it.  I’ve prayed about it and I just need to know that whatever happens now, I’ve followed through (finally) and I’m ready to take the next step.