Painting with a Purpose

Have you guys ever heard of Painting with a Twist?  Here’s an excerpt from their website:

“Join us for an evening of creativity and camaraderie. We’ll provide your paint, canvas and brushes and you’ll have a fun evening with friends. Plus, at the end of the evening, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind creation and, hopefully, a newfound talent you’ll want to explore! This is not your average art class, this is art entertainment.”

There are different paintings done throughout the month and if you have a private event, you can choose which piece of art your guests will re-create. Add in food and adult beverages and this makes for a great experience!

I participated in one such event this past weekend raising funds for Cass CommunitySocial Services, a non-profit in the Detroit area and had a blast! Once I got over trying to get everything just like the example painting and had a few sips of wine, I was rocking and rollin’. There’s nothing like a group of liquored up women trying to paint to brighten up your Sunday afternoon! (Just kidding….kinda).  I know they have locations in a few states, so if it’s in yours, let your inner arteest shine and have some fun!

Getting ready to start

Focused, Man!

Background done

My Masterpiece!

Aren't they lovely?


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