I heart Sephora

One of my favorite Saturday activities used to be going to Somerset and wandering around. I had a circuit that I took every.single.time. First store, without fail was Sephora. Starting from the front of the store I’d sniff all the new perfumes. Once I reached the end of the scents, I’d start in with the makeup and work my way back to the front. (I’m starting to realize how anal this all sounds. But eh, that’s how I roll). I absolutely loved playing in everything whether I was purchasing anything or not (and quite often I wouldn’t). I’m saying all this because when gas prices went up, I all but stopped going to Somerset (it’s a good 40 min. from where I live). No more was I getting my makeup and perfume fix. 

So imagine my joy when I found that mini-Sephora’s were opening in JC Penneys! Now I could check out the lastest and greatest just 10 minutes from my home. Well, let me just say that these mini-Sephora’s pale (pale!) in comparison to the original, but, when I need something I can usually find it. One thing they did have? All the new little gift sets the makeup brands are putting out for the holidays. If ever you or a loved one was in need of lip gloss, now is the time to pounce. You have 5+ options and that’s just the brands Sephora carries. What did I get?


LORAC’s Croc Mocktails set. I’ve been kind of obsessed with pink the last few months and this set satisfies my pink craving beautifully. Now these are minis, so don’t expect to actually be able to use that mirror that’s attached to each tube (it’s only about an inch long) but the color payoff is excellent for a gloss. Very pleased was I. If you are not a glitter person, stop now, this is not for you. It’s not an overwhelming amount, but it’s definitely there and more apparent when you try to remove it. I was going to post picks of each shade on my lips, but 1) my lips looked huge and 2) by the time I finished taking pics, I had glitter all over my face. I tried them on with no liner and was happy, so I imagine with a chestnut, vino or magenta (!) pencil, they’ll be even better. These are perfect for upcoming holiday gatherings or if your like me, any day of the week.


swatches no flash

swatches no flash


swatches with flash

swatches with flash


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