One More Step


I received my admittance letter! I did not get accepted into the November class, but I got in for spring. So March 9 begins my new journey.





Ever since I can remember, things have come to me in dreams. Sometimes it was little things like dreaming of a picture and then drawing it the next day at school and winning a little prize (did anyone else’s school always have the kids participating in drawing contests?) Often times I had a distinct sense of déjà vu as I would dream of things and then witness them happening in actuality.


Well, for the last few years I’ve been dreaming about a new career, specifically as a massage therapist and esthetician. The operative word here is dreaming because outside of clicking around on a few websites, I never made a proactive move to make this dream a reality.


Towards the end of July, I was on M.A.C’s website looking at eyeshadows or something and ended up on the pro site. I don’t even remember why I went there, but while perusing the site, I saw a link to the Aveda Institute. It piqued my interest and after reading about the programs offered, I sent off for some information.


Imagine my surprise when, instead of mailing me, the admissions director called me and asked that I set up an informational interview. I did, and after meeting with her, taking a tour of the facility and hearing about the attention to detail regarding customer service and the training of their students, I made a decision to apply.


The program is a little over 5 months (5-10pm Monday-Friday!), the first few months being in-class study and actually getting a license.  The remainder is spent taking clients and receiving more specific instruction with a focus on customer service. The class size is 10 students so there will be personal attention given to each student.


I’m excited and plenty nervous and I haven’t even been accepted yet. I tend to overanalyze everything and this was no exception. You see the date of this post? I just mailed the application a few hours ago. I had the interview in July. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I’m concerned about financing this program as I didn’t really want to take out anymore educational loans. I’m looking for scholarships, but should I not receive any, I know that I can take that route.


I’m doing this because I just have a feeling about it.  I’ve prayed about it and I just need to know that whatever happens now, I’ve followed through (finally) and I’m ready to take the next step.