Today was a good day

I got a raise! Yay, lol. Today was my annual performance review. I went in with no expectations because honestly, the motivation to go hard at the job was just not there for a great portion of the year. I never noticeably slacked off, but as a department, we are typically known to go over and above the call of duty and I was not feeling appreciated at the start of the year.

Just to give a little background: I was promoted in July of 2006 to my current position. Since I was now responsible for the performance of other people, I worked extra hard to make sure I was on point. Staying late, double, triple, quadruple checking my work, making presentations, being sure I could answer any question, etc. So when review time rolled around last year, I knew not to expect anything too high recognizing I had a learning curve and there were bound to be mistakes made. But the feedback I got in that review threw me for a loop. That coupled with the fact that another department sent a letter to my boss expressing their disappointment that I didn’t process documents according to their timetable had me p.o.’d and severely dampened my spirit.

Fast forward a couple of months and I was basically doing just enough to keep up with my duties and was out. No staying a minute longer than necessary, no volunteering for special projects, nothing extra at all. I didn’t roll out of this funk until the beginning of this year. At that point I acknowledged my tendency to take things too personally, bucked up and decided that no matter how the front office felt, I was going to work to the best of my ability. So back to today, I went in not knowing what impression they had of my overall performance and was pleasantly surprised. It helped that I was given a last minute task to complete and handled it spectacularly (if I do say so myself, lol). So, viva la increase!