Steve Harvey said so!*

A few weeks ago a fellow alum started a network site for my high school. I enjoyed my high school experience, but I didn’t know what to expect from the site. I signed up anyway, created a little page and uploaded a couple “and this is me now”  pictures and looked around a bit. Can I just say how much I love seeing “us” doing well? I knew we were some smart cookies, cause it’s a magnet school. But seeing the profiles and pictures of families actually got me a little verklempt. This is coming from someone who had a few acquaintances but only a couple real friends during that time. Despite not being cool with a whole lot of people then, by virtue of some shared experiences, I’m genuinely happy for all of us. It’s also cool to see people that I’ve met after h.s. and see that they’re fellow alums as well. The original school (they’ve since built a new one right next door) was HUGE and the site has grown exponentially since created (3000? members at last count) and despite what anyone else will tell you, I believe it is the best high school ever!*