I’m going to do it

I come from a family of creative people. My dad was into photography, furniture making and gardening. Mom had crazy sketching skills, sews and is generally a crafty lady and my sister is an artist extraordinaire. Well, what happened to me?I drew as much as the next kid and had my very own Crayola 64 box.  I dabbled in photography in high school and got pretty good at taking and developing black & white shots.  I never had the patience to sit and learn to sew, but today is a new day.  Towards the end of last year, I decided to do something about the lack of creative outlet in my life and chose quilting as my new hobby.  Of course my mom tried to show me how to quilt (and sew, crotchet, knit, etc.) eons ago and I just didn’t have the interest. Imagine her surprise when I showed up one day with a book of patterns and a dream! lol.  So, starting soon ( I have yet to cut my pieces) I’ll be on my way to completing my very first project. Wish me success! tools of the trade

These are my tools of the trade

my pattern

Mine won’t be this intricate, but this gives a good example of the pattern.

quilt material

Obviously I like bright colors! I’m using 4 solids and 2 prints. I’m not sure about that gold though. If I find some nice red-orange material, I’ll be swapping the two. 


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