Lenten Journey

The season of Lent begins this week and I usually participate in the 6 week journey by making a “sacrifice” of some sort. Sometimes it’s kind of a mini-denial (I gave up television for one day a week during lent), other times it’s been sweets or pop. Instead of continuing with things that I honestly didn’t have too much trouble giving up for 40 days, I’ve decided that this year I’d give up something near and dear to my heart. Meat. Not to say that I have to have meat with every meal, but I rarely go a day without eating meat. Now I’m not just talking about beef or pork, but ALL meat. No sacrifice could ever compare to the one made by Jesus, but this is my acknowledgment of what He endured for all of us. So, I’ll spend the rest of my time til Wednesday preparing myself for what I pray will be a blessed journey.

If you participate in the Lenten tradition, what is your sacrifice? What things do you hope to learn during this period? 

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