I’ve never been that into…

I’ve never been that into politics. I’ve never missed a general election, but I can’t honestly say that I’ve been intimately familiar with all the candidates and their various issues. The Iowa Caucus was being discussed in one of the blogs that I read regularly and it was expressed that those that were not familiar with the electoral process were “dumb”. Eh, to each his own I guess. At least people are asking questions. I was never interested in delving deeper into any one candidate because I felt at the end of the day, all of them were just telling us what they thought we wanted to hear. Dumb? maybe. I’m sure that was the thought of many people whose first time voting was in the last election, the results of which turned many people right back off of voting. This upcoming election is different. The makeup of candidates is one that has me interested in how the process will play out. Also, as part of my new determination to broaden my horizons and be more interested/ing and cultured, lol, I’m asking questions and doing my own research. Yes for the first time, but I’m doing it. So, for anyone else that didn’t know, you can find out about the caucus  here

Stepping up my game in 2008…


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