I’m still here

Hey good people! It’s been a minute since I’ve perused the pages of Vox WordPress. Life has been happening and pulled me away for a minute, but things have settled down enough that I can return to this lovely place.

What’s been happening you ask? Well, after occupying my childhood home for 2 years while my parents put it on the market, an offer was made at the end of April. Great right? It should be, but after insisting that they were closing in 30 days, forcing me to find new accomodations in that amount of time, the sale is still not complete. While I believe the move was ultimately good for me, I’m dissappointed that my dad has had to stay there for much of the week so as not to let the house sit empty while the potential owner work out their issues. Apparently my dad flipped out yesterday, cussed out everybody and called a lawyer, so they have until next week to get their stuff together or else. On a brighter note, I love my apartment and although it adds another hour to my daily commute to and from work, it’s alot more peaceful AND it’s mine.

In other news, a while back (maybe November?) I wrote about my weight loss goals. While I didn’t lose the 50 lbs. I was shooting for (yet!), I have lost 35 lbs. I’m quite excited about this, as it wasn’t a quick weight loss, so it leads me to believe that this is going to be a long term change. woo, hoo!

Work is starting to slow down and I’ll be up for the review of my first year as a manager next week. I’m trying not to think about it and I know there are things that I’ve done well and things that can be improved, so I’ll just wait to hear what they have to say on Monday.

Wow, writing it out, it doesn’t sound like an overwhelming amount of stuff has been going on, but trust, there’s been more than enough change going on in the two months I’ve been away. I’m going to check out my neighborhood now…It’s good to be back.