My Nervous Habit

Do you have a nervous habit?
Submitted by Herding Cats.

Despite the fact that I’ve always been a nervous kid, I don’t have that many habits. Funny story: My mom told me she used to have to make me sit in the back seat when I was little because I would critize her driving (Mommy you’re going too fast, you’re going to hit something! Worry much?) Of course I have no recollection of such events.
On to the habits..I’m a leg shaker. All day, without even realizing it sometimes. I don’t know when I developed this habit, but it seems to be here to stay. The thing about it is, I don’t feel like I’m worried about anything, but I think I have some subconscious chicken little undercurrent running through me.
I guess sucking my lip can be considered a nervous habit. That I’ve done since a little kid. While others had pacifiers or thumbs, I had my bottom lip and I still catch myself doing it today.


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