Small Update


How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty cool. Anytime I can see love being shown is a good time for me and it presented itself in a couple of different ways over the weekend.

First was Friday. Now I am not a phone person and while I have a cell phone and everything, I don’t actually get a whole lot of calls. So Thursday evening I put it on vibrate while in choir rehearsal and promptly forgot about it. Didn’t check the phone all Friday cause I’m thinking it’s set to ring and I ain’t heard it ring so I’m chillin’. That evening at about 8:30pm, someone starts ringing the doorbell and banging on the front door like their being chased, so I go to look out (emergency or no emergency, I’m not opening the door blind) and it’s my good friend E. She’s shaking and tearing up when I let her in, so I’m like oh my God, something has happened. Then she starts yelling at me about how her and her sister have calling me all day and they thought something had happened to me so she drove over to check things out. I’m always in the dark, so the only light she could see from the outside was the TV and she thought I was laid out somewhere. Of course, I’m clueless and then check my phone to see a bazillion missed calls and messages, each one sounding more upset than the last. Ooops, it had been on vibrate all day. I was so sorry to scare my people like that, but at the same time it’s good to know that somebody would love me enough to make sure I’m always alive and well.

Saturday one of the crew got married. Lovely ceremony and even better reception. The two of them are nuts and go perfectly well together as evidenced by their wedding video complete with showcasing their early 80s dance skills and the groom challenging the statue of Joe Louis to a fight and being knocked out. lol. Did I mention the matching air force 1’s the bride and groom wore at the reception? Yeah, a good time was had by all. I wish them the very best. Congrats JC and Ronald!

Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday, but today…I went to the doctor for a BP check which is quite normal, thank God and found out that I have lost 13 pounds! Can you believe it? Most of it is probably water weight, but whatever, I’ll take it! Hope everyone has a great week!


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